Frequently Asked Question

Why is Enlighten better than my budget whitening system?  

Results are whiter and guaranteed. They are longer lasting and much more predictable, with lower sensitivity and there is no need for dietary changes.

How do I know my dental practice is right for Enlighten? 

Most practices are right for Enlighten. Many offer it as a premium option. We have over 5000 users in the UK.

I am a dental professional and I want to start using Enlighten, what is the first step?

The first step is certification training. It takes 1 hour online either by live webinar or via a recording. It is free and comes with CPD. Click here to get trained.

Is online training mandatory?

Yes, it is. We don’t offer our guarantees without it. You will learn a lot and enjoy it too!

How long does online training take?

It takes 1 hour.

Is online training suitable for the team?

Yes, it is. The whole team can attend and will benefit.

Can I get a recorded version?

Yes, you can - contact us here.

I want my practice to be recognised as an Enlighten Regional Centre of Excellence or Enlighten Centre of Excellence

There is limited availability. Please contact our team here to see if the opportunity is available in your area.

What happens if my patient does not achieve a B1 result?

In the first instance we will help you to try to achieve the result. If this is not possible we will send you a full free Enlighten kit - there is a 2% failure rate.

Can a rep visit my practice?

At the moment we only visit Centre of Excellence and Regional Centre of Excellence practices. There is extensive remote training available for both clinical and marketing though.

I want to attend Mini Smile Makeover anterior composite training

Please visit and book your spot.